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Figuring out if Email Marketing is Right for Your Marketing Strategy

Posted On August 12, 2021 By Anubhav Chakraborty

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Email Marketing

Is Email Marketing the right marketing strategy?

Email marketing is a simple yet effective method in use since the 1980s. Email marketing is the basic process of conducting advertisements via marketing emails. It was in 1978 when email marketing originated. In the next few decades, it became well-known as the world became more technologically advanced. 

Personal, concealed, cheap, and easy to use makes email marketing very lucrative for business persons. Despite the advent of advanced methods, email marketing is used regularly by businesses all over the planet. 



A simple yet effective process

It neither requires advanced technological nor literary expertise for effective use of email marketing. There are different types of marketing emails that cater to diverse purposes. Knowledge of when to use which type of marketing email is an important factor. Certain key components are required for effective email marketing.

The most important factor in an email marketing approach is to know when to use it. Not every marketing technique is suitable for every occasion. Email marketing is very useful and flexible, but it also has its niche uses. It will fail its main purpose if used poorly, even if the process is a correct one. 


When is email marketing the right strategy?

As with any marketing strategy, the nature of the product being marketed is the most important factor. Let us have a look at what it means:


When the brand is known

If a brand or a product is hardly known by anyone, what is the point of its promotion on an individual basis? Email marketing is in many ways, a direct channel of communication between the buyer and the seller. If the product being marketed is not known, chances are that the email will result in the spam folder. 

Email marketing is the ideal method to reach the customer when the brand is already known to him/her. The business already has a set of interested clients, stakeholders, and audiences who have already subscribed to your brand. 


When there is a need for personalization’s

Some products are meant for the general mass. A toothpaste, a soap, or perfume is advertised for the general population. The products are advertised based on generalizations. Other products require a degree of personal touch to market them effectively. 

A jute bag to an environment warrior or a bottle of vintage wine to a wine connoisseur requires personalization. These products will only have demand by those respective people. Campaigning such products in a general manner will just result in the product and the buyer missing each other. Personal mails will serve a much better purpose instead. 



When there needs to be an awareness about the product

A person may trust a brand but not its new product. Gone are the days when branding used to have the blind following. Today’s consumers are much more aware and skeptical in general. New products often require a degree of awareness creation for their sales. Email marketing can be an ideal method for such cases. 

Email marketing is more like editorials and less like advertorials. An email about bags made of cloth can also include how plastics end up on ocean floors. This kind of awareness about products can rarely be attached to other forms of marketing. 


Demography of your clients

Social media marketing is the new kid on the block when it comes to personalized marketing. But a significant section of human beings despise social media and like to avoid it as much as possible. Old school emails, which are non-intrusive, serve as better alternatives to such a demographic. 

Apart from these factors, a well-crafted marketing email should be used to make it an effective marketing strategy.


Components of a good marketing email

Every good marketing email has certain similar features:

  • Actionable language
  • Personalize where it is possible.
  • Relevance with the main subject
  • Clarity, precise, and to the point
  • Refer the reader in 2nd person
  • Mention the benefits and advantages


Email marketing remains in use even today. With its power of personalization, secrecy, and simple text-based formats, we do not see the marketing method going away any time soon. However, the seller still needs to decide when email marketing is the right marketing strategy. 

Some items will do well with an alternative strategy. But for a suitable product, any type of marketing emails work well when it’s the proper one. Additionally, the marketing emails must follow the proper structure to make it precise and professional. 



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