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Importance Of Twitter In Social Media Marketing

Posted On November 24, 2021 By Anubhav Chakraborty

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Importance Of Twitter In Social Media Marketing

Twitter is one of the foremost tools to use in social media marketing. Social media marketing is the use of social media tools and applications for marketing. Businesses can engage with their customers on an individual and general level through social media marketing.

Social media has become deep- rooted in our daily lives. We can relate the different platforms to different environments. While LinkedIn has become the job market, Facebook is like a living room. Twitter is like the hip joint where people from all over meet and greet each other. This makes Twitter unique from other platforms for social media marketing.


Here are some reasons Twitter is so effective in social media marketing:

User base

By the end of Q3 2020, there were 187 million daily active users of Twitter who were monetizable. This means that there is a growth of 29% year to year. Only a portion of Twitter users come under the ads platform, so there is an even larger potential for expansion. This makes Twitter a lucrative platform for social media marketing.

Twitter’s overall daily active user range is 330 million and sees a steady increase. Global events like the covid-19 pandemic and the US elections drove in more users. There is a guarantee that at least a definite percentage will view their marketing campaigns.


As of January 2021, most Twitter users are Americans. Japan ranks second and India ranks third. Both the US and India have large populations, bigger markets, and expansive economies. Social media marketing on Twitter can help companies get newer clients and reach out to better and more profitable markets.


Twitter’s approach to social media marketing is transparent. Their ads are non-intrusive and have ‘sponsored’ tags on them. There is an equal distribution of power between the consumers and marketers. Twitter’s ad policy feels a lot more ethical compared to other players of social media marketing.


It will not make sense that a platform shows a person who wants to buy a bike an ad for a really expensive car. Twitter uses data in a planned way which results in the right ad appearing to the right person. Photos, hashtags, tweet compositions – the details are critically analyzed, and it provides related ads to raise the user’s interests. This makes social media marketing with Twitter highly cost-effective.

Direct communication

Twitter enables marketers to address the buyer. There is an interesting catch – unless one has an open inbox, they will have to be mutual followers of each other. This prevents random spamming and misuse of choices.

Ability to post many times

Tweets have lesser shelf lines. Twitter encourages those involved with social media marketing to post at least 15 times a day. This is starkly different from other outlets like Facebook and Instagram, where too many posts are discouraged. Campaigners can post different sides of their products and businesses across multiple tweets.


Accruing no cost, Twitter allows companies to build up unique profiles. Companies can go off the road with their branding. They can be funny, or authoritative, or keep it traditional. Many outlets, especially fast-food joints, have provided numerous entertaining content over the years.

Generate Traffic

SEO websites will not generate traffic unless someone raises a query on a search engine. A tweet with a link for further information will. Tweets are great ways to secure attention and then lead the user to the website. The additional traffic converts into ad clicks, product sales, and website visibility.


Twitter is probably the cheapest option for social media marketing. The average cost is less than $1 a day. But there are no sacrifices in the quality aspect. Twitter ads guide the campaigners regarding follower insights and trends. This helps the firms to tweak their ads accordingly to get maximum output and generate profits.

Community Management

Twitter allows marketers to monitor and control their communities. The power distribution is indeed equal between sellers and buyers. Companies also use branded hashtags to promote their products as well.


Twitter is a unique place where unique people interact with each other. It’s a world of anything and anyone can go viral in a moment and get popular. Social media marketing on Twitter enables firms to take advantage of these phenomena. It adds contacts and sales which increase profit and sustainability and makes twitter a vital asset for any ad agency or company alike.



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