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The Spirit Of Ghost Tweeting

Posted On November 24, 2021 By Anubhav Chakraborty

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Ghost Tweeting means tweeting for a company or a person under the pretense of being them. You can hire someone to tweet to your admirers, followers, and customers. Twitter is the platform that links the companies with their followers and the celebrities with their fans.

The success of your company will mostly depend on its social media presence. For that, you need to use social media platforms to market your company properly. But you have lots of other things to do, like analysis, interacting with the stakeholders, etc. so what do you do? You hire a ghostwriter for social media, especially Twitter. 

The ghost tweeters are in huge demand right now. This is because of two reasons. 1) You as the owner of the company might not be well-versed in using social media, and 2) you might not have time for your social media marketing. Therefore, your best option right now is to hire a ghost tweeter. 

So what are the spirits of ghost tweeting? Or how do I work as a ghost tweeter? 


  • I need to know about your company 

As a ghost tweeter, the first thing I will need to do is know about your company in detail. I will have to know what type of company it is, or products/ services do you sell? What are the vision and the mission of your company, etc? It will be easier for me to be a ghost tweeter if I understand your company. 

  • I need to read your company’s blog and website

Nowadays, blogs and websites are very important for a company’s success. Your company must have a blog and/ or a website. As a ghost tweeter, I will have to go through the blog and the website thoroughly. This way, I can understand your company and its motto. The more I understand your company, the better for me. Then, I can be a good ghost tweeter for your company. 

Sometimes I can even paraphrase things directly from your blog and/ or website. I can take something that your company has already said and can write it in the language of Twitter. This will give me a great sense of voice and a great idea for the tweet. 

  • I need to talk to you or someone from your company who knows a lot about the company

This is probably the best and the simplest way to follow. As a ghost tweeter, I will have to talk to you or someone from your company who knows a great deal about the company. By talking with you or someone from your company, I can know things that aren’t mentioned in your blog or website. 

  • I need to start working to be a successful ghost tweeter 

If I want to be a successful ghost tweeter, I need to establish some resources and have a proper routine. 

These are the small things that will make sure that I am ready for a high-profile event and I am learning the company’s voice and style. I will also need to have regular meetings to discuss how the company’s twitter account is doing. This will help me and your company to learn about what’s working, what’s not working, and how to adjust it. 

In these meetings, we can also pitch new ideas, create successful and innovative marketing strategies and new ways to engage more customers and followers. You need to be on board with what I have been doing with the twitter account. Or what I will be doing with the twitter account, in the future. As a ghost twitter, I need to make sure of that. 

These are some of the ideas on the spirit of ghost tweeting or do to become a successful ghost tweeter. Tweeting for another person or company is definitely not an easy job. But it can be a great experience of professional development. My position as a ghost tweeter will be vital for your company. My tweets will help your company to market your product or services. These will also help you to gain customers, audiences, and followers. 

The best way I can be a successful ghost tweeter is if I maintain proper communication with you and/ or your company. I need to properly understand you and your company. I also need to follow your advice on how to make it better. A proper social media strategy will always be more effective. These proper and specific plans will produce far better results than a general plan. 


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