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How to Automate Your Instagram Marketing and Get More Engagement (SMO)

Posted On November 24, 2021 By Anubhav Chakraborty

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Instagram Marketing

Instagram automation is the use of third-party Instagram software that can handle your account, do your tasks, and interact with users on your behalf. In other words, Instagram automation tools can take control on your behalf and interact with users. These tools can also take care of publishing, reporting, and analytics on your behalf. 

You can also use this Instagram automation tool to market your brand or your company and gain more customers. Now, how can you automate your Instagram marketing and get more engagement? You can do that if you just follow the following simple steps:  


  • Your posts can be shared more with the “story mention” option:

This is the first strategy to automate your Instagram Marketing. By using this tool, you can respond to all the stories that mentioned you. You don’t need to do that one by one. You don’t even need to do any manual labor. If you respond to all the stories, you will be able to build a connection. This way, you will get more stories and it will help to grow and expand your account. It also helps you to increase your followers and build a relationship with them.

You can keep one-line responses ready to go whenever you get a mention. People love and appreciate these kinds of personal touches. This will also help you to expand your account and to establish yourself on Instagram. 


  • You can schedule your posts in advance:

The second strategy to automate your Instagram Marketing is to schedule your Instagram posts in advance. Like many people, you also probably don’t know that it’s possible to schedule your post on Instagram in advance. 

This is probably because this feature was banned for years. Now it is just hidden inside another feature called the “Instagram Creator Studio”. Creator studio has many features that will make your life easier to control and manage your social media accounts. It has features like “Professional Dashboard” that will help you to see how your content has performed on Instagram. The “Growth Insights” tool will help you to understand which content is attracting more audience. The “Advanced Post Scheduling” feature will schedule your posts in advance.


  • You can use the tool to directly message or reply:

This is the third strategy to automate your Instagram Marketing. The more you expand your Instagram account, the more direct messages you will get. On one hand, this might be good for you. This means people want to talk to you. On the other hand, replying to each message can take up hours. With the help of this tool, you don’t need to spend so much time responding to every individual. 

You definitely should not ignore these messages. You can gain customers, audiences, and followers if you respond to these messages. So instead of ignoring these, you can set some automated direct messages. 

With the help of this automated direct messaging feature, you can create an automated welcome message. You can send this message to anyone who messages you. You can also send automated replies to your messages based on the keyword. Lastly, you need to create automated FAQs and their answers. So that, your customers or your followers can get the answers to all the basic questions about your brand. 


  • You can start drip campaigns on Instagram:

The fourth strategy to automate your Instagram Marketing is to use the drip campaign feature on Instagram. You can use this to take the standard automated message response to a whole new level. 

Instead of just sending normal responses to the messages, you can send them links to your blogs or other social media platforms. 


  • Finally, you can use this tool to automate comment replies:

This is the fifth and final strategy to automate your Instagram Marketing. You can use this feature to automate comment replies. Comments are a vital part of marketing. A thoughtful comment on your social media post can prove to be a game-changer for your company. Comments generate a heavy number of followers and viewers. Therefore, if you get more comments, your content will get more views. And the best way to get more is to reply to the comments. 

Handling a business can be challenging. That’s why companies are now trying to use the power of social media platforms to market their brand. The above strategies will help with that. Now, all you need to do is start following these steps. By doing so, you can automate your Instagram Marketing. Your content and posts will also get more engagement. 


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