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Keywords vs Topics: Optimizing your Pages for Search

Posted On March 29, 2022 By Anubhav Chakraborty

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Keywords vs Topics


Are you confused about where to put your efforts, keywords or topics? This is an effort that has been troubling every website. So, keeping it away from one another is not going to work. What you have to do is make them work together.

Let us run through the terms one more time. A keyword is a phrase used to search for services. They help your website rank higher. On the other hand, a topic is the heading to define the content of content. The topic has a keyword in them that works together in building your website.

So, pitting them against one another is going to be a problem. Rather putting them to work is a lot better. This blog holds the same. So, let us go ahead without further ado.


Topic-Based Optimization

Every keyword and topic needs something to work on. This is where contents come in to carry out their role. Using a topic-based optimization method means giving a home to those keywords and topics. Hence, getting proper results in ranking is a piece of cake.


Mapping of Topic Clusters

Your business caters to different platforms at the same time. Hence you get a lot of clusters to deal with. It is quite obvious that every cluster will deal with different topics. So, using the keywords in a strategic way is important.

They are targeted keywords used by different demographics. Using varied keywords will enhance your website for a certain reason. Different demographics will search for targeted keywords.  This means not a single keyword will be left behind.


Keyword Positioning

Place keywords in strategic places all through your content. They will make the content more readable. Hence, protecting your website from getting stuffed with keywords. That can be a little sign of distress. Stuffing keywords beyond the word limit of your content can put your website on the blacklist. Hence, you lose everything and have to start from scratch.


Final Thoughts

Make sure to consult a professional before taking these steps. There are many experts who can take the steps without sputtering. So, hire professionals and get your website going!




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