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What is a Pillar Page and How do they Impact your SEO Strategy?

Posted On March 29, 2022 By Anubhav Chakraborty

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Pillar Page

Before answering the question of what a pillar page is, do you know what is an internal link? These are links embedded in the words of content that keep traffic in a loop to increase your website ranking. Now back to the primary question of what is a pillar page? It is the foundation upon which a website stands.

On this page, you get a bunch of articles related to the brand or industry. This blog helps you to learn more about pillar pages and SEO strategies.


Holds Traffic

Reading something new is bound to give you more curiosity. So it is better to have answers at your fingertips. Naturally, everyone uses the keywords as a gateway to those subtopics. So, SEO strategies are drafted based on these pillar pages that come in handy to hold your traffic.

It keeps them in a loop of informative content. So, the time someone spends on your website makes the search engine know your site is the best. Thus putting it forward for everyone to read.


Helps Reaching SEO Goals

Everyone conducts keyword research before drafting SEO goals. When you incorporate a few keywords into the article all the goals are covered. This is possible for a certain reason that is unique.

The keywords overlap with your SEO strategy in a natural way. So you get an overall reach over your SEO strategy. They work in a cohesive environment under your strict supervision which makes attaining goals easier.


Makes the Task Achievable

No matter what kind of strategy you are bringing forth, the result is to get more traffic. Sometimes a strategy fails but sometimes they succeed. Pillar pages are considered to be a cluster of information. So, for the age that wants to have enough information will stay on a

website that provides them with knowledge. So, the two primary objectives, getting traffic and holding them are achieved. Hence, pillar pages make the goal of SEO strategies achievable.


Final Thoughts

The rewards of organizing a pillar page are pretty good. They make ranking a lot better. But the only problem lies that every website uses the same strategy. So, the key to ranking higher is writing new content. Invest in better keyword research tools and keep producing unique content. Visit us for more!


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