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Position Zero and Other SERP Features

Posted On March 29, 2022 By Anubhav Chakraborty

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Position Zero


Are you intrigued by the results you got from the position zero ranking of the website? There are many e-commerce business owners who want to reach that place. Sadly, getting to see a happy ending is not possible for everyone.

In this blog, we are going to discuss a little on position zero. This is for the ones who want to start an eCommerce site for themselves. Position Zero means getting to the top of a search result.

In other words, when you search for something online the first link you get as the search result is Position Zero. There are many features at play. Some of them include SEO and content.

Now to talk a little about the features of other SERPs we have to read a little more.


Pillar Pages

Keeping a pillar page is the most important feature of SERP. This is a major reason why everyone keeps subtopics and hyperlinks in the content. The long-form articles are made with the intent to promote your website. Hence, to get a Portion Zero using these articles is a must.


Image Pack

Images play a vital role in pulling up your website to the top. This is a simple way of promoting your site. How? It is for the captions that have keywords.

Hence using an image pack is always good. They make your brand feel more authentic. Keep the traffic on your site. They are also known to boost your traffic.


Related Questions

There will be several questions related to the service you provide. Frame the questions properly with keywords. Reap the benefits of SEO by putting some keywords while answering the questions. Frame the question to make people click through. Once this is achieved you will increase the traffic.


Final Thoughts

Look for a website that poses a competition. Make sure you incorporate these features into your site. Put your resources into getting more data. This coalition will prove beneficial in the long run. Wondering how? They will be loaded with keywords all through the website. It will help your brand grow. Consult a web developer for more details!


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